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I cannot express enough how every person should go to Turin (actually called Torino by the Italian’s which shocked me when I was there. Why don’t we all just call a place what the people that live there call it? So strange).

I was overjoyed when I realized the entire city was framed by the Alpine Arch that looks as beautiful as this:


Bicerin, a Torino drink consisting of hot chocolate, coffee, cream and a side shot of sparkling water was just another element that added to the magic of the ancient cobbled streets, the endless Churches ornamented so mystically it was as if the angel’s themselves had their hands on its making:

and the Mole Antonelliana. This incredibly monumental building had the most spectacular view as you can see above.

Breathtaking. Magical. Well, minus the panic attack I had in the glass elevator on the way up. I certainly won’t be joining Willie Wonka on any of his little adventures if the offer arises…

But, why was I really there?

It was to see the Turin Shroud.

The Shroud has been the point of contention for centuries.

Is it the burial cloth of Jesus? If so how is it Jesus? What does it tell us about Jesus? And if it’s not Jesus then why are we all on our knees praying to a man who pretended to be God because he was a crazy narcissist suffering from megalomania with a mother who pretended to have the immaculate conception because she was so terrified of the patriarchal rules of her society and did not want to dishonor her husband Joseph and so made up the most important diversion of human lives for the cause of her safety? 

I was intrigued by the questions, particularly the last, so I put my mind to finding the truth.

Here are facts about the Shroud that show to me, and I hope to you, that Jesus and the Resurrection happened. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still happy to listen to disproof. It wouldn’t affect my own faith (I mean, it kind of is a cloth after all) but listening to these facts and actually doing research has made me realise….this whole Jesus and the Resurrection thing is not some made-up fantasy for the sake of, well, nothing…

  • With the invention of photography, Catholic’s encouraged Seconda Pia, a lawyer impartial to religiosity, to take the photo of the Shroud. What was merely a material with blood splatters from Jesus’ wounds revealed the entire body and face of ‘the man of the Shroud.’ Pia was so shocked he nearly fainted in the dark photo room.

The photo negative shows us face and body of Jesus in the positive. Spooky..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • The wounds on the Shroud resemble the exact wounds inflicted on Jesus in the Bible: the Crown of Thorns (below), a spear to the right side of the torso, a broken nasal septum, lacerations (which have never been given numerical value due to the sheer amount Jesus was slashed) and, of course, the parts where Jesus was crucified – (oh, in case you cared to know this was not on the palm’s of the crucified person’s hand. It was always on the wrists, hence why the Shroud shows this).

Okay, those are interesting…but stuff is about to get far more intense. 


  1. The Carbon Dating Test that sent shock waves through the world claiming ‘THE SHROUD WAS FROM THE 13th CENUTRY’ is FAAAKE NEWS PEOPLE #Trump.

The only reason why this was thought to be so was because the scientists only took away the top two corners from the Shroud. That part of the Shroud was added material because the Chaney Family, who had been keeping it in a silver box, had their house burned down. Whilst the devastation occurred molten dripped onto the Shroud. It was when the Clarisse Nun’s took it into their care that they patched it up in reverence to Jesus. That is why these marks exist:


(The burned lines are parallel across the cloth as you can see. If you look at the top left and right you can see where the ‘scientists’ have cut the cloth. I mean, talk about getting a varied test done in order to ensure fact…great science :/)

This is proven also because the Herring-Bone material of the Shroud is not the same material as the Nuns’ add-on’s. Silly media.


Specifically Zygophyllum dumosum…

3. (And this is the BIG one).

Test’s using different oils and pigments to disprove Jesus’ magic carpet-cloth have come up with nothing like the miracle of the Shroud.

As you can see in an array of tests here:


The image of Jesus’ body is not drenched into the material, like the blood. Rather, the formation of his body is on the top of the material. The only way it could have been achieved is by


Not Myrrh, not Aloe, nor any other thing.


And, this light beam which left this ominous shape of Jesus (or the man) on this Shroud would have had to have blasted at


exposed at

0.0000000000000001 seconds.

Anything longer would have burned the cloth to smithereens, as well as the tomb, in fact it would be the same energy as


Magically, mystically, weirdly, whatever -ly it may be, the light power plus time meant that an image of perfect light and shade had been imprinted on the top of the cloth.

The image covers every fiber like a pixel and all the shade and light has somehow made us able

TO SEE A FACE AND BODY OF A DEAD MAN, hence why we have the 3D image of him from the photo negative when we place he shroud in a V8 Analyser.

Jesus and the Shroud

I must say that even in some denominations of Christianity many care little for the Shroud. As Christianity is based on faith and values, many snub the idea of exerting energy on a piece of cloth…which is totally okay.

All I’m going to say is, having researched the evidence and experienced proximity to this marvel…I’m not going to shun it any time soon.

That is, unless you can prove me otherwise. But, seeing as no Scientist has yet, I’m still struggling to see how anyone will.

Me and the Shroud







3 comments on “Proof Jesus Exists: My Trip to Turin

  1. Interesting points and facts, I don’t know alot about the case of the shroud of turin so reading your writing has cast some light onto what I know about this.. thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad – if you ever want to message me or have questions, do feel free! 🙂 Take care, Frankie

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thx Frankie I enjoy reading your articles, I think we’re on the same wavelength on things like philosophy, so I look forward to pick your brain about other stuff in future! 🙂


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